Monday, September 24, 2007

Math Trade notes

Its interesting, but I've started seeing something that I'd like to take credit for - homemade stuff in the trade lists. I'd like to think I was the first to try this, when I traded Atolla Modulis in a math trade. Up until this point, any games listed in trades were real published games. In the current trade going on, there are a number of print and play copies of games being traded, as well as a number of misc game accessories: I've got a dice tower as a sweetener, one guy that does a load with foamcore has card racks for Arkham, player mats for Formula De, etc. Now, I don't think this is a bad trend, as long as the PnP stuff has been well printed and mounted. At any rate, its an interesting phenomenon (do do do do do - phenomenon, do do do do) and I think its cool, though it means my cool new trick is now not as cool. Oh well.

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