Thursday, September 27, 2007

So many games, so little money

I want to buy...
A lot of games. And gaming accessories. I still need to get a decent set of poker chips. I've just about convinced myself to get the brass ones, so I'll probably order a sample set just to be sure. Heroscape continues to taunt me with new waves, including the new Master Set 2: Swarm of the Marro with its cool swamp landscape. I need to go back and catalog my collection a bit to see which blister packs I don't have and which ones I have dupes for. Regardless, I probably have another $100 worth of crap calling my name. There is always a list of games. I could put together a list of Thoughthammer games in about two seconds. Hell, I could build the list with just expansions I think - C&C:Ancients - Greeks, Arkham Horror expansions, Decent Expansions, BattleLore expansions. And of course, the out of print and really expensive games I still want (and will probably never get) - Chinatown, Antiquity, Indonesia, etc. What I really need to do is concentrate on getting more playtime for the things I have.

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Red October said...

i'm in the same boat on games and i've been thinking about a nice set of chips as well. just picked up Last Night on Earth from Pozy and Bridges of Shangri-La in the last Tangathon, so i'm going to take a bit of a break from purchases. indonesia is a game i would love to get...i had it narrowed down between it and Roads/Boats.