Monday, September 17, 2007

Solo Gaming On My Computer

I've been playing a lot of Ingenious and Puerto Rico lately. Solo. On my computer. These two games have joined St. Petersburg in my rotation of computer games that I can play in roughly 10-15 minutes when I get bored. I just happened to catch a thread on the BGG about Ingenious being available for free for 24 hours. I knew that Ingenious had recently been done, so I jumped over and grabbed it. Not long after I did that, my copy of Puerto Rico showed up. I had only played PR once a long time ago. While I enjoyed it, I barely remembered how to play and wanted to brush up on it before trying to get it to the table again. Unfortunately, these are now three games that probably won't hit the table much unless someone else is dying to play them. Its hard to suggest a game that take soooooo much longer to play in real life. While PR against real people is probably much more entertaining, its so much faster and less fiddly to just play on my computer. It takes care of things automatically and I don't have to chase bits down. Same for Ingenious and St. Petersburg - the programs calculate things quickly and automatically. I'll most likely be downgrading my ratings on these games the next time I sweep through my ratings. Not because the games are bad, but because I just won't want to play them face to face given other options (actually, I'd still jump at 4-player Ingenious in teams). They are still ok on my computer. One other thing that came up because of this - I started looking for other versions of games out there to either try or whatnot. I ran down a few games which I'll talk about later when I have more time to post.

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Matthew Frederick said...

I've been playing that Ingenious a fair bit, too. Though it's slicker, I think the AI is slightly worse than the AI on