Friday, September 21, 2007

Math Trades Again (part II)

So, I can't help myself. I found 3 games to trade. Nexus Ops (with a dice tower sweetener to see if I can't get some separation from the millions of others that will show up), Niagra, and Hey! That's My Fish. Nexus Ops is the only one I really don't want, as I already have a copy and I only got the second for trading. Actually, I don't care if Niagra stays or goes - I got it for like $13 at B&N last winter, but it did win the Spiel. Maybe I'll try to seriously trade up on that one just to see. Hey! That's my fish is a decent game, takes longer to set up than to play, so if I can get a good game for it instead I will.

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Red October said...

let us know what you get in the trade...if you trade