Monday, January 12, 2009

Continued Thoughts on Mecanisburgo

I've been reading the few posts to the game on the BGG. Found a few rules clarifications and subtleties. If any agents are removed from your corporation, the pawn stays in place on the board. If you can re-fill that spot before the pawn is revealed, you do indeed get to use the new character in that spot. We house ruled the other way in our game, which might have then allowed Eric the ability to beat Amelia in the final confrontation. Oh well. That still seems weak to me.
I also read a rules clarification about some of the support properties that (in my mind) makes a few properties more valuable. Properties that give a +1 to a profession (say +1 to scientists from the lab) give the +1 to each in that zone. So you can send multiples and get a multi-bonus. You can also use that bonus for the ability check (if you didn't use it in the conflict resolution phase). That's pretty useful too - IFF (that's if and only if) you are using some variant on the resolution (no random card or half random card value).

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