Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out With the Old (and un-played), In With the Soon-To-Be-Unplayed

Math trade time. This time I moved a couple of things I was probably never going to play for a couple things I'm probably not going to play. First the outgoing. War! Age of Imperialism, Age of Mythology: The Boardgame, Control Nut! (plus Coloretto and Escalation!) for Mammoth Hunters, Pow Wow (plus Othello), and Quoridor (plus Quarto!, Fire and Ice, and Chung Toi). Whew! So, I got a large number of abstract wooden games - hopefully I can put at least Quarto! out on display (not sure if my dumb-ass dog would try and eat it or not). Mammoth Hunters is part of the Alea Big Box set and is supposed to be an ok game to boot (not special, just ok). I'm getting closer to the set, though my shelves won't hold the set on one shelf, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. Getting rid of War! and AoM frees up a good amount of space that was just being taken up. I finally accepted that I was not going to play either and even if I did, I probably have something else that's similar I like more. As for the card games - Coloretto is ok, but I have both Zooloretto and Aquaretto, so I really don't need the card game too, so I threw it in. I also threw in Escalation!, which is ok, but take it or leave it. Control Nut! sounded more fun than it was, which is too bad, but oh well.

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