Monday, January 12, 2009

Speaking of Tracking Games

Ok, I haven't been talking about tracking games at all, but whatever. Matthew Frederick created and sells game journals on his website Genimuse. I finally got one and plan to log my plays there this year (have no fear, session reports will still get posted). I also plan to log my plays more thoroughly on the BGG this year - the recorded plays section allows for quite a good bit of extended details. Last year I kept a running geeklist going with my plays and opponents, but it didn't seem as useful as I thought it would be. Also, I was looking at my friendless extended numbers and the list of games I should play soon (minus the expansions) definitely is spot on. Here are the top 10:
  • El Grande - needs five players, but I've only played once and as I've indicated before, that's just not right
  • Fortress America - needs four players that are up for a dicefest
  • Torres - three or four players and shouldn't be too hard to get to the table, if I'd bring it out
  • Conquest of the Empire - best with six folks that are in for a longer dicefest
  • Vegas Showdown - slick little auction game shouldn't be hard to get out
  • Java - three or four player game that I love. Another that I just need to start bringing until I get it played
  • Antike - my favorite of the rondel games (nope, still haven't played Imperial)
  • Fjords - this light little two-player game is fun
  • Schn├Ąppchen Jagd - three player trick tacking game that is supposed to have been reprinted. I really liked it.
  • Nexus Ops - three or four player dice fest that isn't too long. Erik will play in a second (he brought it last week)


R. N. Dominick said...

At home, we keep a journal of the games we've played. For the last two years, we've been keeping them in plain old composition books, but this year I ordered a game journal from Genimuse. It's handy, and I really like recording plays in it -- I am just worried we'll run out of space before the year is through. (I got the one-per-page style, and I'm pretty sure we play more than 120 games per year.)

Tatsu said...

I went for the two per page since I post session reports online. Just enough room for details.

Matthew Frederick said...

It's ok, you can buy another journal. ;)