Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's It For January Purchases

Done with my purchases for the month. I can't say there won't be any new games - you never know if a trade might come up, but at the moment I'm cutting off new purchases for the rest of the month (let us hope no crazy sales come up that I have to say no to). So far I have made two trades (via math trade) and four purchases:
  • Nobody But Us Chickens - never never never do your want lists late at night. Never. I was thinking Why Did the Chicken...? but got this.
  • Dread Pirate - this really is one of the nicest looking games ever. Should be good with my son, since this is supposed to be a pretty simplistic game.
  • The aMAZEing Labyrinth - $2 at goodwill was to hard to say no. I actually liked Master Labyrinth more than I thought I would, so this simpler version should eventually work with my son
  • Senji - this one sounds like a slightly lighter take on A Game of Thrones, finishing in under two hours.
  • DVONN - yet another project GIPF game I don't have. That actually makes it just GIPF and TZAAR that I won't have (well, and TAMSK, but its box doesn't fit the set and it was replaced by TZAAR and stuff).
  • A Game of Thrones LCG - I added 6 chapter packs from the initial set. No multiples unless I really get into the game and deck building and league play. And even then, I might be more inclined to try and just track down the cards I want.


Bobby said...

Your mistake was for the best. Nobody But Us Chickens is a cute little game. Why Did the Chicken...? isn't fun at all, unless everyone has a similar sense of humor. The one time I played it, it devolved into the most creative use of swear words, and the person most able to use them won.

Tatsu said...

For a little while, Aldie or Derk had put up a thing on the geek using some of the Why Did The Chicken...? stuff. Basically it would throw up a question, then for 10 minutes folks could post an answer, then people could vote on the best answer. There were a number of really funny responses. I have a group of non-gamer friends I get together with for dinner once a month that I know would get a kick out of the game, so I DO know the right group.

Bobby said...

I hope so.

I liked the concept. I like the designer, he's a good guy. But this is the most-painful party game I ever played.

Good luck!

Mike G. said...

I don't think you can hold off another 18 days before you buy another game :)

Tatsu said...

I'm not sure I can either - it took me all of 34 minutes to find something that I thought I should buy RIGHT NOW!

sourwyrm said...

I'll take Nobody But Us Chickens off your hands. I'll even pay cash.