Friday, January 02, 2009

Nickels and Dimes of 2008

The official count is in. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, Nickels and Dimes refers to games that were played at least 5 times and 10 times respectively. The most played game of the year for me was Samurai at 23 plays. Sadly, I think all but one of those were online plays. I tend to go in streaks with this game, playing loads and then letting it be for a while. It is such a good game though that I'm always happy to come back to it. Anyway, on to the lists:

Dimes (10+ plays)

  • Samurai - as I said, this is a great game. Plays well with 2,3 or 4 players (though differently)
  • Memoir 44 - These were all played via email with Jason Maxwell. It plays pretty well over email, but I just got bored with it and finally traded away all my board game Memoir collection since I figured that if I wanted to play a C&C game face to face I'd play C&C:Ancients instead
  • Tichu - I love Tichu. I'm so glad to be where I can play this just about anytime I sit down at a table. The Fonz was willing to play with me in Omaha, but nobody else knew how to play.

Nickels (5+, less than 10)

  • Chicago Express - at 9 plays, this almost made the Dime list. I really like this game, and hopefully the release of the Queen version will mean more folks will have played this. I really haven't played this much with anyone that has played multiple times.
  • Chinese Checkers - I picked up a nice wooden board and bought some nice glass marbles for this children's game. Hey now its a nice display piece and game that I can play with my kids (and they do like it). I'd expect this to be a dime next year.
  • In the Year of the Dragon - This disaster management / VP engine game saw as many plays as it did in large part to MaBiWeb implementing it. I like it, but think I'd rather play Notre Dame face to face.
  • Micro Mutants: Evolution - as I've mentioned before, this was a surprise game for me. Never in a million years would have said I'd like or even play this. Even better though - my son can play it and he loves it.
  • Qwirkle - this hit the list as Stephanie will play it a couple games at a time. Its ok and might see more play as the kids get older.
  • Zooloretto - I kinda like this lighter game. After finally playing its sibling Aquaretto, I think I might like it better, but I'm not sure. Another one that will be a hit with the kids when they get a bit older.
  • Agricola - The most hyped (maybe second most, hard to say) game of the year got five plays by me. I think its a pretty good game, but I think its best and fastest with 3.
  • Battleball - the best part of these plays is that they were all with my son.
  • Blokus Trigon - the best part of these plays is that they were all with my sister
  • Ca$h 'n Gun$ - there is no reason I should like this "game" (its a social thing more than game, because if you play it as a "gamer", its no fun at all). Yet each time I played it, I laughed and had a great time. I keep getting asked why I don't rate it higher if that's the case, and the answer is pretty simple. It would wear out its welcome and not be any fun. It is simple a GREAT once-in-a-while-game.
  • Race for the Galaxy - yes, its better than San Juan. It got played as the HOT THING. I think its ok, but didn't fall in love with it like everyone else did. There was too much else out there this year that I liked more. I traded my copy away and I'm not trying to re-acquire it. I'd still play it, but would look for another game first.
  • Tsuro - another one where all my plays were with my son.

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