Wednesday, December 12, 2007

0-1 Count, He Hits One Out!

Well, it wasn't BeyondMonopoly. Today I got to open the second gift and get my second clue. This gift was a nice Husker mug. My note mentioned that Santa has a geekbuddy named Cornjob that is also a Husker fan. I was told I might be able to get a clue from him, so I geekmailed him. I was also told that Santa isn't a big Husker fan. So, now my clues were going to be limiting my list down to those matches to people that listed Cornjob as a geekbuddy. Cornjob is fairly well known/popular, so there were still a good number of suspects. I shot him a geekmail and got a reply back shortly that the perpetrator had a microbadge - a Star Trek microbadge and that Cornjob had met this person before. Armed with this detail, I narrowed the list down again. One particular user caught my eye - MUKid. They're both living in MO, he meets the other criteria, and I can see why he wouldn't be a Husker Fan. And, I was right! Woooo hooo. Now, I'm not opening my other presents until Christmas, despite being allowed to according to the rules. Besides, I got my present - a new geek buddy. Thanks for the fun MUKid

Yes, you may barf now.


MUKid said...

Congrats! I had a lot of fun putting your package together. Did you notice the custom-made gift tags? I was especially proud of those. :-)

You mentioned in your GeekMail that you thought that it would be tough for you to buy a Mizzou mug. You know, I don't find it so hard to buy Huskers gear. As you will learn in your next gift, I was in the stands during the infamous flea-kicker play, and I do have a poster of the goalposts coming down after we beat the Huskers for the first time in a bajillion years hanging in my basement, but honestly, I've always liked Husker fans. Can't say I've always enjoyed the MU-NU games, but Tom Osborne was (is) a classy guy and I usually root for Nebraska when we're not playing each other. It's too bad to see them come crashing down this year - hopefully it won't be 24 years until you beat Mizzou... well... maybe I'd be okay with that...

Anyway, at least you're not from Kansas.

Hope you enjoy the gifts and have a great holiday season.

sourwyrm said...

i've met your santa at bgg con, he's a good guy