Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Shout Out To My Secret Santa

My Secret Santa package arrived today. I've received a few instructions warning me not to look at the return address/addressee from "santa" in my BGG mail. So, I do my best not to look while still making sure its a box that is for me (have a few ebay items coming in for the kids I'm getting antsy about). I open it and what do my eyes see? Packing peanuts (green). Hmm, disappointing. I hate those things. They always are oppositely charged with my arms and I can't get them off. So, I dig in and there are a number of packages and some instructions. Santa is making a game of this. I'm to open Gift #1 right off the bat to get started. Ok. Its a few paint brushes and a note about painting my Descent figures. Hmm, clue one is he/she is a reader of this blog. The only people I don't know that I know have read this blog are Verkisto, Yehuda, and somebody named Shea. Not so much of a lead. Now, the "real" clue is that my Secret Santa (dun-ta-ta) (sorry, my kid has been doing that a lot lately thanks to the Backyardigans Secret Agent episode - now back to my thought)um... oh yeah, my Secret Santa (dun-ta-ta) rates AoS a 10 just like me! (or maybe I'm just like Santa). Ok. Well. According to the geek, that's like 440 people rating it a 10. I just spent a bit of time and have it down to about 287 folks. That's largely due to pure brute force, as there isn't any way to do real db queries like I'd like (select users where user has secretSanta2007MicroBadge and AgeOfSteamRating = 10). I finger printed the tag, but the BGG doesn't have a fingerprint database to search and unlike the cool guys in CSI Miami, CODIS doesn't turn up any hits for me either. H said he has my back and to follow the evidence, but what does he know? Anyways, the rules of this game are that after each clue, I get to send out one geekmail to try and guess my Santa's identity. I'm going to send out one email now - basically, I'm going with the first guy who rates AoS a 10 that lives in the US. The lucky recipient of tonight's SPAM is... David Fair (BeyondMonopoly). Sorry David, your geekname just shows up early in my list.


Matthew Frederick said...

David's a very cool guy, so the worst that will happen is you'll be told you're wrong. :)

David Fair said...

Sorry Tatsu... Not Me.

I hope he gave you another clue or two...