Thursday, December 06, 2007

Samuari Bridge

Despite having never officially played Heroscape, I am a fan. I have collected nearly every set available for purchase (though I do not have the 3-4 promo figures). One day while looking around for scenarios to print out, I discovered (a webzine about Heroscape). In one issue, a guy talks about (and rougly shows how to) building custom bridges out of balsa and other craft materials. One of the cooler ones was a Samurai Bridge. I thought - I can do that! So I went to Michaels and grabbed some materials and just started winging it (winging it to the pictures). So at any rate, here is something of a pictorial of the construction.
Laying out the frame.Frame done.Starting the bridge floor.
Floor doneStained and starting the railsNearly finished!

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Matthew Frederick said...

Sweet! Well done!