Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Recap

Well, the year isn't quite over yet, but that's ok - I thought I'd put down some thoughts on 2007. Maybe its cliche or trite to do these sort of lists, but here are the Things of No Interest Best and Worst of 2007.

Best Game

Age of Empires III. Though I only played it a few times, this was the game that grabbed me the most. I really liked the multiple paths to victory and the need to play tactically based on your opponents and the buildings that were available to you. Just enough randomness and minimal downtime appealed a lot to me here.

Biggest Surprise

A tie for me between Descent and Race For the Galaxy. Now, RFtG is not the end-all-be-all of gaming, but it is a slick, interesting, fast playing game and it scratches some itch for me. Descent is that game I wish I had had growing up. I'm really enjoying painting the minis and look forward to playing this in the future.

Worst Game

Hansa: Changing Winds. Hands down the worst variant EVAR(not ever, EVAR). I enjoyed Hansa and was looking forward to a variant map. In fact, I like the new map. I HATE HATE HATE, the other new rules as they hose this game. How could 5 playtest games not revealed how bad this was? BLECH.

Most Played and What I learned

Ingenious. I got the free computer version and played a bunch against the AI. Then I played a bunch online against my sister and Matthew Frederick. And what did I learn? This game is too random. I'd prefer to play this only as four-player in teams from now on.

2nd Most Played and What I Learned

Samurai. This is a GREAT game. It plays so very differently with 2-3-4 players. A lot of people don't like it with four and I'm sure not many play it with two, but its really good with any number, you just have to come at it differently.

Best Kid's Game

My favorite kids game this year has been Tier auf Tier. This is fun with the kids, and a surprisingly good dexterity game for all adults as well. The pieces are well done and there is a good amount of skill needed.

I Wish I Had Played More...

Age of Steam. Still my favorite game, I wish I had played more. Nuf said!

Best Spousal Game

Crokinole. This was the only game I got my wife to try this year that she boldly proclaimed she really liked.

Best Filler

Exxtra. I've read reports this is getting a reprint. I hope so - its a fun little game that in many ways is better than Can't Stop.

Of All The Games I Acquired This Year, I Wish I Had Played...

Die Macher. I am sooooo playing this in 2008. Really.

Looking Forward to The Most

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization? Brass? Nope - I'm on THE bandwagon - Agricola. I already paid for mine - print and ship it already!!!

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