Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blah Blah Blah part III - Revenge of the Blah

  • Placed that last order with Boards and Bits, now I have to see if I can truly avoid buying more games until July.
  • Sadly, avoiding buying more games is not the same as spending no money in the gaming arena though. I'd certainly be willing to trade a game, and then of course paying for shipping is just part of the trade.
  • I'm also likely to upgrade a few things here or there. For example, I pulled out Heroscape over the weekend and decided that I need to get some different storage for my armies. It is way to hard to sort through a bin of guys (when you have at least one of all the armies) to find three guys. (The exception is apparently the three bright white snipers - why the hell would snipers be bright white?) I'll go to Wal-Mart and pick up some Plano boxes.
  • Heroscape is good light fun. I played just the basic game with my son over the weekend and he had a great time.
  • Marvel Heroscape was not meant to be played in the basic form. BOOOOORING.
  • After playing Combat Commander: Europe, I can see a couple of the chits that could be replaced with wooden pawns or disks for the various tracks. I also need a wood piece here or there for some other games, so I may have to place a parts order. Bobby replaced the wood in Pandemic with disks - they are much better to play with.
  • I need to finalize my poker chip designs and order the labels for those. That's been on the backburner for too long

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Jaybird said...

Marvel HeroScape is blah.