Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heroscape With My Son

Well, since I still had the map setup from playing with Nathan last night, my son asked if we could play Heroscape this morning. Well, that's fine with me - it lets me try out new combinations of guys. This time, I not only introduced him to the advanced rules (he doesn't really remember all the guys powers, but he does like them) but also threw in the glyphs. This one was a 300pt army + 160pt reinforcements. I let him pick a guy or two for his army, then helped him finish it out and he ended up with: Agent Carr, Ninjas of the North Wind, Crixus, and for his reinforcement - Sonlen. I got Valguard, the Tarn Viking Warriors, Finn the Viking Champion, Me-Burq-Sa and Major Q10 for my reinforcement (he was too cool last night not to take again). Ashton made straight away for the initiative glyph, since he loves going first. His Ninjas arrived and also grabbed the defensive glyph before I could get my Vikings over to stop him. Valguard took the attack glyph, and I got Major Q10 almost immediately. It didn't look good for my son as I wasted his Ninja's quickly, but he killed Valguard with little effort and took the attack glyph with Agent Carr. I moved Major Q10 into place to shoot Agent Carr up, but by the time I got a few hits, he managed to make it to the heal glyph, erasing the damage. Having his guys on the attack glyph was bad for me. Sonlen was rolling 6 attack dice at range and picking off my troops and I couldn't make a dent against him. In fact, the ninjas were his only casualty. I hardly had a chance.

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