Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nice Service

I placed a pre-order for Timber Tom a while back (sadly after they sold out the allotted North America quota). The arrival date was listed as May, so being as I really want to get my hands on this, I shot an email off yesterday asking when we might expect this out the door. This morning I received a call and the caller identified himself from Lyon, France - which completely threw me for a loop as I know nobody in France. After a second it hit me and the caller explained that there had been a delay in production on the second edition and that he'd be sending me a copy from his first edition stock he had on hand. Now, I really want this game, but I understand the hobby and would have understood an email explaining there was a production delay. I'm actually blown away to have received an international phone call explaining the situation and even happier to know I'll be getting my game soon (assuming that the international carrier doesn't bone me again like they did with Le Havre). Kudos to Marco Bing.

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