Friday, May 15, 2009

Mid-week Gaming

Just trying to get caught up on session reports now after the longer ones from the Geekway! Couple weeks ago, Matthew Frederick, Amelia Boli and Nathan Winchester stopped over for a few games. I pulled out Hamsterrolle to start us out for the night. This was supposed to be one of the better dexterity games out there and I hadn't even taken off the shrink yet. Sadly, one of the "shelves" in the rolle were missing - though we played it twice anyway. It is an interesting take on the stacking genre and I enjoyed this. Ameila won the first game and Matthew won the second. This needs a die like in Tier Auf Tier ;)
Next up, I pulled out Wabash Cannonball. Matthew and Amelia had played before, though that was a little while ago. I'm now over 10 plays and starting to recognize a couple of the subtle little things that go into the bidding and play. None of that helped me, as I got shut out of red, then couldn't end the game fast enough to keep the other's shares from paying out well. Nathan won by $3 with his rainbow set of shares with Matthew a close second. I'm not sure if Matthew cares for this or not, but I'd really like to get some more of this in soon (and I know Nathan likes it, so hopefully other takers will be there).
Being the middle of the week, we planned to end around 9:30, so we had time to teach Nathan Tichu and play a few hands. Amelia and I took on Matthew and Nathan. We got killed the first few hands, but Amelia had a good hand on our last to make the scores look a little better (285-215). This is another that should see more play now that Nathan knows the game.

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