Friday, May 22, 2009

More blah blah blah

  • Yet another Boards and Bits order placed. Won't see this one until the end of June though (Nathan added the Dominion expansion to the order).
  • I ordered a bunch of C3i magazines for the C&C:Ancients and Combat Commander stuff. Jason Maxwell did geekgold auctions for the remainder of the stuff included in the magazines - I might have to do that.
  • Added Flaschenteufel to my order. I love card games.
  • Been playing some Le Havre solo on the computer (short game only). Best score was 115, but that game was one where the cards all were ordered perfectly. That's the only game I broke 100 so far (about 5 plays).
  • I ordered Union vs Central. For $50, I got 180-ish some odd "cards" and a bunch of micro-dice. I'm considering re-doing all the cards and doing an arts-cow set. The game looks pretty fun, but it'd have to be really fun to redo 90 cards (there is a set for each player). I figured this was a safe order, because there is a good amount of demand for this game. Apparently, a bunch of people that wanted this dragged their feet, so Winsome offered to folks that had bought before. After I said yes, a bunch of folks suddenly decided that they should honor their initial indication that they wanted a copy. A bunch of others have now asked for a copy. Winsome indicated that the micro dice were a huge pain to get and they probably won't do that again. I bet this one will fetch a good trade down the road here.
  • Board Games With Scott did an episode about Excape/Exxtra. It is 9 minutes long. That's about how long it takes to play the game. How do you have a review that is as long as it takes to play a game?
  • If I promise not to buy any more games in June, will I be able to do it?


Jaybird said...

See, because of you, I tossed Excape into a recent order. Caron loves Can't Stop, but I have to agree that Excape is a bit more fun to play--and it scales all the way to 6.

The only game I see on the horizon is Tales of the Arabian Nights....

I ended up trading for Flaschenteufel awhile back, but have not gotten around to playing it yet.

A second game of Confucius here went OK. We only had 3 players, and the other two guys played painfully slow. A tremendous game, though.

Matthew Frederick said...

Flashenteufel is beloved by many. I requires a very different kind of thinking, one that I was never able to master, but I'd be willing to try again. :)

Winsome. *shudder*

Did you guys play Confucius last night? Maybe we can get a game going during the week?

Jaybird said...

Just watched the BGWS review. Man.

Nine minutes, roughly 4 of which was wingeing about the re-theme....

What was that about players have to move back one space for each X they roll (aside from their first roll)? According to the review, if you were to roll 2 X's on your second roll, your move back two spaces and your turn ends.

Jason Maxwell said...

I made over 250GG in auctioning off the inserts and counters I didn't use from C3i's 18 through 21.