Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Heroscape

Ashton asked for some more Heroscape, this time asking to play with the frozen terrain. I pulled out the booklet and built The Battlefield of Frozen Souls and we played the Storm of Frozen Shards scenario. I ended up the defender of the glacier, which meant I got 450 points and had to have the Dzu-Teh as part of the army. Ashton thought that was un-fair, so he took a set for himself. After our draft, this is what we had - Ashton: Cyprien Esenwein, Sonlen, Warriors of Ashra, Dzu-Teh, Shades of Bleakewoode, and Kozuke Samurai. Me: Isamu, Dzu-Teh, Major Q9, and Nilfheim. Ashton has been dying to use the ghosts and I've been wanting to play with a dragon. It worked out for both of us. What didn't work out was Major Q9 vs Cyprien Esenwein. Ashton moved Cyprien first and rolled a 20 for his special, which hit Major Q9 for 6 points (and knocked him out) before I got to even do a thing. That single stroke of luck pretty much sealed my chance of winning. Though I was immune to the storms that happened each turn, thanks to a glyph, Ashton used Cyprien to take that from me. The first two storms helped me to kill a couple of Ashton's guys, but after losing the glyph, two storms knocked me out of the game. Ashton had two full squads still left as we finished the game.


sourwyrm said...

It sounds like Ashton needs some better competition.

Mike G. said...

It is sad that your son likes to pimp you in games as much as we do :)

Of course you have now inspired me to bust out my stuff to see if I can get my girls interested in playing.

Post some pics of your storage solution.