Monday, October 22, 2007


I finally inventoried my Heroscape collection. I got a bit tired of not being able to remember what things I have and which things I still need. The result? I have a lot of stuff. With the exception of the three promo figures and three of the blisters from wave 6, I have nearly one of everything that has come out through wave 7. I have doubles of the base set, the ice set, the forest, and some random doubles of the blisters from different waves (Romans, grut orcs, minute men, snipers & vipers). I finally saw the new Marro base set at Walmart, but didn't feel like dropping $40 for it quite yet. Also coming out sometime in 2008 is the jungle expansions. Gah! Too much stuff!! I even had to get a bigger tub to hold it all. And then, I discovered the best thing to do was put the terrain in the big tub, and the trees and icebergs and such in the other. What a pain.
UPDATE: I saw a flag bearer at Toys R Us today and snagged it. They had two of the same (Jandar). I would have bought another set if they had had it.

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