Thursday, October 04, 2007

Math Trade

SO I spent forever last night working out my want lists for the math trade. I had 4 items (Nexus Ops+dice tower, Niagra, Hey! That's My Fish, and Zooloretto expansion) in the list of 1400. A mere 65 pages of games to sift through. Thank god for Jeff's trade tool. I need to win geek gold to tip him. So, I originally thought - I'll trade any of these for anything close to things I want. Then I decided that Niagra was a border line trade because its heavy and it was a Spiel de Jahres winner. So off I went compiling the list. And about 30 pages in, I got bored. Things I would have added at the start I skipped later on. Just too much effort. Math trades are a bit fun, but the really need to be much shorter and focused. There seemed to be a stupid amount of geekgold in the list. Which is fine, but really, do we need entries for amount say under 50? Some of the random stuff I recall adding to my list:
  • Formula De foamcore mats. Very cool (even if I never play the game).
  • Puerto Rico. Yes, I have an unopened copy. My plan is to get another and some "upgrades" to it and see if I can trade it up.
  • Age of Steam, Wallenstein, Roads and Boats, RrT, Union Pacific, multiple Betrayals, lots of geekgold. All things I don't mind getting, don't care if I don't.
  • The things I would like to get: Pompeji, Villa Pilleti, WoW, Runebound, Himalaya, Diplomacy(Hasbro ver), Crib Wars,
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