Monday, October 22, 2007

Tikal Analysis part V

Wow, the last round seemed to go by pretty quickly. I'm convinced that I'm out of the game. Black has a 5 pt lead on me and has pretty good position. As you can see from the board, a new volcano just came out. So, I need to bid to get the volcano in front of black. That means putting myself even farther down. If beige wants to outbid black, then great, I score second. I just need to score in front of black. But regardless, I think my position on the board is such that second place might be as close as I can get (even that is no sure thing). One nice thing - I had two pairs of masks. Another player discovered the third match to one of the pair, so I went to discover a treasure thinking I'll trade for the match. And what happens? I discovered the other third treasure. So now I have 3 of one and 2 of the other. I need one more treasure to trade and I'll have a pair of triplets. That helps my score, but I don't think it helps enough...

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