Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Printing

I'm going in the wrong direction. I have this package of cardstock, and its like I can't NOT print something if I have it. Anyway, added a couple more printouts to my list of things to mount and cut.

  • Space Junkyard. There are actually two versions of this, the second being a revised version with nicer graphics. I choose this one of course.
  • Triumvirate - the official 3-player expansion for Mare Nostrum.

    I also need to mention - double sided stuff is a pain in the arse. I think I've got an ok solution, but its still a pain to do.

    Also of some minor note. I've been trying to find some textured papers to print on. I found a "sketch" pad of specialized artist's paper (I forget the exact type). The have different types for inks, charcoals, watercolors, etc. At any rate, this paper's texture is very similar to the the linen finish that some game boards have (The Game of Thrones boards are good examples). The color laser printer has trouble with paper that is too thick, so I printed out some stuff on my wife's inkjet printer (her printer handles larger papers that mine does not). As was typical, the end results appeared to be "muted", but after a spray of Krylon crystal clear, they are nearly as bright as the laser printed version (though more effort of course). I now need to finish the work and see if the end result was worth the effort and increase costs. If so, I might try to do Mike Doyle's PR-II set this way.
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    Matthew Frederick said...

    Though you can find lightweight linen paper (that's the texture you're talking about), textured paper works very poorly in laser printers. A laser printer puts a static charge on the paper, powdered toner is attracted to the charge, and then a hot roller fuses the toner to the paper.

    However, it doesn't fuse the toner in the depressions very well at all if the texture is more than a very tiny amount.

    Inkjets, though, spray ink, and work great on textured paper.

    FYI. :)