Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Print and ...

Well, its supposed to be print and play. Lately, I've done a lot of printing. A lot. My company conveniently put a color laser printer out which I've put to good use. Last night as I cleaned up my office, I realized I've been printing a lot of things. Here are the things I have printed that I need to cut and mount:
  • Atolla Modulis (Power Grid expansion)
  • Alternate Vinci map
  • A couple copies of the Zooloretto expansions
  • The Puerto Rico Haiti expansion
  • Mike Doyle's first Puerto Rico revision
  • Michael Schacht's Dschunke: Das Legespiel
    Hmm... Only one of those is really a PnPLAY - Dschunke. The rest are all expansions (or in the case of the Mike Doyle stuff, re-imaged). I don't know why I like doing this stuff. Maybe its because when I'm done, the things look a lot like a purchased set of pieces. It might be because I like having game things that not a load of other people have. I don't know. At any rate, I foresee a lot of gluing and cutting in my future...
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