Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Math Trades Again

The Thanksgiving Math Trade has started. I believe the idea is that folks will get the results by Thanksgiving time. Anyway, I did my part and loaded the list with crap:
  • Nexus Ops + dice tower
  • Heroscape Jandar flagbearer
  • Sunken City
  • I'm the Boss
  • ChiZo Rising
  • Ivanhoe
    The only interesting part of this math trade is that you are supposed to list "non-game" things as items or sweeteners only for every 5 games you list (or as one person already pointed out - 5 games you are going to submit a blank want list for so that you could list your geekgold). I'd be really surprised if I trade more than one of the above.
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    Jaybird said...

    Yep Charles--I jumped in as well, in my first-ever attempt at a math trade. I tossed in a bunch of junk as well (at least to me), as well as a pretty big game (Fury of Dracula) and I am contemplating tossing in a couple more. I am kind of excited to see what comes of it.