Saturday, October 20, 2007

Plans for the rest of the year

While it might be a bit silly and premature to try and "plan out" the rest of the year, I realized that we are getting closer to the end of 2007 and there are still a load of games that need to be played ;).
So, looking at the calendar, I think maybe 6 more game sessions (maybe more, but 6 is probably reasonable, considering the holiday impact on schedules and such). So, here is a short list of games that I'd really like to get in before the year ends.
  • A Game of Thrones: Storm of Swords 4-player. A bit shorter and just as interesting as the "original" game.
  • Age of Steam. I'd like to get a map played that I haven't tried yet, but at the same time I don't want to introduce an alternate map to players that are new to the game...
  • Torres. This is such a good game, I can't believe I have so few plays of it.
  • Die Macher. Still need to get the king daddy of euro-games to the table.
  • Shogun. The stupid tower keeps calling to me...
  • Nexus Ops. It might be that I grew up playing Risk and Axis and Allies - whatever, I get this itch for a dice and combat and conquest periodically.

    Ok, so I just re-read that list and realize, that the above games probably take up most of 6 sessions, especially as there will be rules teaching and new players (and add in extra time for Justin Easley and his AP ;) ). There are still more games I'd like to play - Descent, Age of Empires, Imperial, Mare Norstrum, Battlelore, etc. Maybe I can find a long Saturday somewhere in there to try and work in a chunk of games.
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    Red October said...

    a lot of good games on here, charles. we'll either need a long saturday or two, or have to get go together twice in a week a couple of times. jason will be out here over Christmas time and would love to have an evening or two of gaming.

    AP...psh. i only have AP when i'm playing a game for the first time and i don't understand the rules!! ....jerry