Sunday, February 07, 2010


My son asked to play something today and opted for a game we've tried before - Airships. This little dice game works well for the two of us - he can handled the limited math and seems to understand the scoring system surprisingly well. I had to glance through the rules to get myself back to understanding the system again, but once that was in place, we were racing to improve our Zeppelin building empire. Ashton managed to get a couple of good cards with victory points on them early on. I pointed out that he had only a single red dice to use most of the game, but despite that, he was doing well and kept scoring Zeppelin cards. I was trying to keep up, but in the end, he won by a good margin 21-15. This is another game that I may have to tote along to the Geekway - I think we'll have a couple of games we play that need a side game ;)

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Jaybird said...

This is a very ordinary dice game that I like. It doesn't overreach or anything.