Monday, February 22, 2010

PBEM Olympics - Puerto Rico Game 1

Another game in the books. Yes, we finally finished the first heat of Puerto Rico. For the record - I suck at this game. I finished dead last, in large part from a failure to generate any kind of income to start the game. I had far too many rounds where I passed builds from lack of funds. Chester won with a massive 65 pts. He shipped early and often. Justin was in second with his 54 pts. Justin thought he had no chance, but his 24 pts in buildings + 14 bonus brought him up a lot. Nathan was in third at 49 points and I was no where in the building with 39 pts (no bonus pts). Even if I had got my bonus building set with a worker, I was only going to nab another 7 points. I need a serious comeback in game two to even have a chance at a medal.

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