Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PBEM Olympics - Samurai Game 3

The third game (of four) of Samurai on MaBiWeb finished today. This game saw Nathan (green) take his turn getting abused. With Chester (yellow) in the back of the standings and following me in the turn order, I did what I could to feed ideal setups for stealing pieces from Justin (blue). I also managed to really hurt Nathan three turns in a row and he only squeaked out four pieces by the end of the game. We had a situation near the start of the game where it looked like Chester and I might tie all three of the pieces in Edo, which would have made for a very tense sudden-death game. It didn't come to pass though. So now we are on to the final game and things should really heat up. This game saw us finish - 1st: Chester, 2nd: Charles, 3rd: Justin, 4th: Nathan. With this, the standing through 3 games are: 6pts: Charles and Justin, 4pts: Chester, 2pt: Nathan. This means that Nathan needs to outright win the last game while putting Chester into 4th for Nathan to medal at all. Justin and I will be battling for position, as the one that finishes ahead of the other should win the gold - unless Chester wins the game and Justin and I finish 3rd and 4th, since he wins the tie breaker. So basically, we all have a pretty vested interest in beating up on Chester.

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