Saturday, February 27, 2010

Game Night

This evening's game plan didn't quite go as expected. The original plan was to play a quick two player game of Starcraft: The Board Game at my place with Robert Bolan and I. Robert ended up having to move some stuff, and unexpectedly, Nathan Winchester and Matt Longieliere were available, so they popped in and we played 3-players. We random picked factions with Matt as the Protos (yellow), Nathan the Terrans (red), and myself as the Zerg (green). It has been a while since I've played and so of course I had at least one turn where I did my orders backwards. Not only that, I forgot what color I was when looking at the scoring track, so I thought i was winning. As it turned out, the end game came on pretty quickly and I was not in position to win like I hoped. Both Nathan and I had our sudden death victory conditions, but he was leading in the point standing. Oh well - next time.
After we finished, we waffled about trying to decide what to do. It was getting late and sounded like there were a load of folks at the Gamer's Inn, but I just wasn't up for heading over there and waiting forever to start playing something, so Matt Nathan and I mulled over my collection a bit and eventually settled on Java. I really enjoy this game from the Mask Trilogy - the spatial game and the puzzle solving aspects are really fun to me. I jumped out to a big early lead with the water (which Nathan and Matt overlooked as being huge point opportunities until I scored a bunch) but Matt and Nathan made up for that with private palace festivals. I saw my chance near the end of the game to end the game and score first, so I took advantage of that, but didn't get out far enough in front - Nathan and I end up tied.
So, I got to play two good games I haven't seen in a while, but I didn't get to head to the Inn to catch up with some old friends who were in town. Luckily for me, they will be moving to Mesa soon enough.

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