Tuesday, March 02, 2010

PBEM Olympics - Mykerinos Game 2

The second game of Mykerinos for the PBEM Olympics is in the bag and the results? Much closer. Justin: 41, Nathan: 41, Charles: 40, Chester: 38. I think Chester has about given up on this one having posted two losses now. Of course, he's getting better and I suspect this one will be close unless the third game is Justin's. The points work out that the gold is still up for grabs between Nathan, Justin and I (though I suspect any gold I get here will be luck more than anything). This was something of an odd game in that there was one Mr. Brown in the first round, and one in the second. The absence of his power in the early game spread out the points I think. Chester had a lot of cubes each round, but he didn't nab a bunch of old ladies nor red guys with which to use all his cubes. in the first couple of rounds. He made a valiant attempt, but Justin's DOUBLE RAINBOW was too much. Nathan made a huge point swing at the end of the game and the two of them tied for the game.

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