Tuesday, March 09, 2010

PBEM Olympics - Mykerinos Game 3

Our third round of Mykerinos for the PBEM Olympics finished with a less than interesting (to me) result. Chester got the first (early) brown which he felt gave him a leg up. He finished second with 43 points. The winner? The same game that said this on March 3rd, "i think i'm going to take last in this game..." That would of course be Justin, who clocked in with 48 points. Apparently, my hoarding of the yellows so that I wasn't getting screwed on pyramids wasn't much help. To be fair, my wimpy 36 points was also due to my having 4 less tiles than Justin (5 including his 5pt tile). Gah, looks like Justin will likely win the second gold of this competition without a whole lot of effort. After a good finish last game, Nathan came in with only 31 points this time. I don't know. This game is ok, but I just don't grok it. I'm dropping its rating as I just don't think I'll get it played too much after this event.

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Jaybird said...

Hey Charles, have you ever played with the Nile expansion? I feel that nabbing a Mr. Brown tile or two early can really dictate (read:break) the game. This expansion does a small bit to mitigate that. But it is still the same game.