Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After a false start (because we had no real clue) Robert Bolan, Nathan Winchester, Matthew Frederick and I got in a game of Bus on Spiel By Web as a followup to our face-to-face first time game. Well, I'm not sure if anyone else benefited, but I'm as lost as I've ever been. Oh sure, I get the rules, but I still don't see this game yet. I ran out of actions a turn before everyone else and finished third (6pts and tied with Matthew). Nathan managed a clean win with his 9 points. One thing to note - Nathan started the game and won. I've heard that first player has a good advantage, and I believe it. Things are so tight in this game, that a free action like that is definitely an advantage. I think if I play it face to face, I'd argue that if the first person takes a bus in the first round, they have to pay 2 for it.

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