Sunday, March 21, 2010

Game Night

March 19, 2010 - Casa de Hasegawa
Matthew Frederick and Amelia Boli dropped by for a bit of quiet gaming on Friday night. Amelia mentioned not wanting to play anything too brain-burnery, so I pulled out FITS to give a spin. I love Tetris, so FITS should be a good fit for me. The only problem being - it is similar to, but not the same. If you make a gap, you can't slide something in sideways to fill the hole. At any rate, we played the first game and Amelia and I tied with 24 points with Matthew right behind us at 21. We then played MOTS (More of The Same) - a print and play expansion which I made. This expansion really is more of the same and is pretty similar to the original. The 4th (8th) board is more brutal than the original 4th board, but otherwise these really are about the same. For MOTS, Matthew killed us with a whopping 34 points to our 24 (Amelia) and my 23.
Erik VonBurg showed up right as we finished our game of MOTS, so next we played some Heroscape. I had built a giant map, so we broke into two teams and Matthew and Erik took on Amelia and I. Erik went the Sniper route while his partner had the robo-rats and vampires. I went the Marro route and Amelia had something of an assortment of guys. Amelia and I were able to grab a load of the good glyphs, which was a huge advantage for us (especially the defensive one) - an advantage offset by getting our asses kicked to start the game. The defensive glyph allowed us to hold our own for much longer than we thought we could and the game came down to a couple of common units and one of Matthew's vampires against a solo marro unit which took as much as he could before dying out.

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Mike G. said...

Those FITS scores are pretty good, especially considering you had not played before.