Thursday, March 18, 2010

PBEM Olympics - Fearsome Floors Game 1

The first heat of Fearsome Floors was completed on March 11th. Chester (as the first non-medal-ing kid) got to pick the next event and went with something lighter. We tried for one site, but I couldn't ever get registered. We ended up trying and after a little hiccup, got started. We played the basic game with the default setup for this first round. Nathan and Justin were new to the game and didn't quite know what was in store for them. Normally this game is middle of the road for me, but for whatever reason, this game was a lot of fun this time. There was A LOT of carnage and chaos. I was channeling my inner-Sato and sacrificed a number of guys just to see a rampage by the monster. well worth coming in last. Nathan won the first round, with Justin in second. Chester had an early guy out, but lost all his guys right at the exit. It was a beautiful sight watching the monster rampage his way through the people. And for the record, Daniel Karp was the first guy to exit.

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