Sunday, March 28, 2010

Putting the Hero in Heroscape

Since we had our big map already built (and since I wasn't going to take it down without getting a couple of games on it first), Ashton and I decided to get a couple more games of Heroscape in this weekend. On Saturday, we grabbed all of Ashton's comic heroes. I went with the Fantastic Three - The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and The Human Torch (The Invisible Woman suffered a tragic "dog" episode). Ashton then chose Annihilus, Ghost Rider and with the last 50 points, he chose the Tarn Viking Warriors. Ghost Rider is pretty cool, getting to move really quickly and with some good attacks that let him go after two adjacent guys - and to top it off, he's really cool looking. Annihilus has a load of defense and pretty good attack if he doesn't move, so once he's in a spot, he is tough. The FF (FT) work best as a team, so I ran The Thing up to meet the Vikings and he took them out quickly. I then used Mr. Fantastic to pin down Annihilus while the Human Torch worked him over. Annihilus was having none of that and took out Mr. Fantastic. The Human Torch and The Thing were left facing off against The Ghost Rider who managed a couple of good attacks and took the The Thing down to one life. In a last ditch effort, The Thing pulled off a wrestling move and sent the Ghost Rider to the land of the dead.
For our game on Sunday, Ashton wanted to pick first this time. He again chose Annihilus, but then grabbed The Thing (after seeing how awesome he is) and Hawkeye. I decided to give The Thing a match with another bruiser and chose the Hulk. I also grabbed a flying ranged guy with Thanos (who also has the ability to come back after dying). With my remaining points, I chose the Mandroid. I started by running the Mandroid to the defensive marker while the Hulk and Thanos used their massive moves to cross the board and start the attacks. The Hulk flew into a rage immediately and took out poor Hawkeye. Annihilus devastated Thanos with a huge roll of 8 skulls. The Hulk took revenge on Annihilus immediately, but the damage had been done and Thanos never made it back to the board. The Hulk and The Thing then squared off for an epic battle and the Thing pulled off a win by the skin of his teeth, holding only a single life. Ashton then raced The Thing to the healing marker and with his rejuvenated hero, he hunted down the Madnroid and smashed him.

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