Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bye Samurai

Yesterday, MaBiWeb had to say goodbye to Samurai. Knizia pulled the plug on playing for free (apparently he has licensed the game to an iPhone/iPad development team). That sucks as I really REALLY like this game, but I certainly understand - no point in making an application to play on the phone and expect folks to pay you for it when you can play for free on the same device you are targeting. That still sucks. I'm glad our olympics did Samurai first (we had no clue this was coming). Hopefully the plug won't be getting pulled on any more Knizia games in the near future. At any rate, here are my Samurai stats from my games played on MaBi.
Game2 players3 players4 players5 playersTotal
Samurai2921 (72%)2112 (57%)195 (26%)-- 6938 (55%)

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