Sunday, August 12, 2007


I finally got my C&C:Ancients stickers all applied. I had got through the Romans when my daughter (just over 2 years) took it upon herself to help daddy by starting to apply the Carthaginians. In all fairness, she actually did apply a few stickers to blocks - she also applied a bunch to a construction paper flower she had sitting nearby. So, I came home from work and was suitably mad at her and my wife for letting her get into the stuff in the first place. I was mostly mad that I left things out where Ainsley could get them. After I cooled off, I realized it was a little funny that she had tried to sticker the blocks like she had watched daddy do. So, a quick email to GMT later, and I was told they would send me some new sheets sans charge (thanks to Letitia at GMT). They arrived very quickly, so I set about to finish before something else could go wrong. There was only one small problem - two of the three sheets they sent were not cut. I didn't care, and a ruler and Exacto knife later, I was sticker-ing away. I had originally intended to put the armies into separate Plano boxes like the ones a number of guys have on the BGG. My friend Jason Maxwell did this with his set and it makes setup very fast. However, in between the time I got the game and I finished, I got my Plano bag for BattleLore. Since BattleLore only took up two of the 4 boxes inside, I decided to see if I could get C&C:Ancients into one box. I had to hack up some dividers and tape them in place in some of the lower areas to divide them up enough, but I was able to get all the armies in! Now I can take the bag and play either game.

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Red October said...

that little rascal! that's a great story. finn will be doing stuff like that soon enough. i'm anxious to see the final product