Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tangathon + Hansa = Crazy Delicious

Well, maybe not. There was/is a Tangathon going on. For those not familiar, Tanga is a site that normally has one "deal" a day (much like Woot). The difference being that Tanga often has boardgames. On occassion, Tanga runs a "Tangathon" where they list an item they only have a couple of and once it sells out (or sits for 4 hours), they list something else. They have been running a lot of these Tangathons recently, and they often get stuck on crap. Yesterday someone posted a message that they started a game of Hansa on MaBiWeb to have something to do while they waited. I checked and sure enough, it was plain old Hansa, so I joined in. Though it doesn't have as many options I sure did like it better than the Changing Winds variant. I must have liked it a lot better because I ran away with this one. Final scores:
Charles: 60
frankinla: 35
Zhaneel779: 41

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