Sunday, August 05, 2007

Um Krone und Kragen

Or: To Court the King. Tonight I talked my wife into a quick game of To Court the King. This was the first time either of us had tried this, but I had traded for this because my wife likes Yahtzee. I've read the basics of the game, and really, the game comes down to this - roll the dice and try to get a pattern that matches the cards available (one card might be the total of the dice is at least 15, the next might be a three of a kind, the next might be two pair). After you get cards, you can use them in the future rounds to influence the dice. Each card has a special action that can be used once a round (one action lets you add more dice, one lets you modify a dice, etc). When someone gets a seven of a kind, they can call for a final round, and everyone tries to roll their "best". At any rate, its interesting with a neat twist. I can see where it gets compared to Yahtzee, though its not really like that game at all (other than there are dice and rounds of rolling). Its a bit luck based, but the luck is really mitigated by your cards, which let you "fix" bad rolls. It also plays faster than I thought it would. A nice quick two player game, To Court The King also plays up to five. Stephanie and I played pretty randomly, and in the end I won with 7-5s.

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Jaybird said...

This is one of those games that I have looked at for quite a while. I have heard that there is a pretty good solo variant out there.