Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Aug 29
I went first and promptly got screwed by yellow. I hate the first couple turns of this game, because I always feel like I hosed myself (or got hosed). Maybe it because I tend to play this game more on a tactical than strategic level and there just are not many tactical opportunities in the first couple turns (unless you get lucky). I also tend to loathe committing certain tiles early in the game, because I feel like they are going to better serve me in the mid to late game stealing things from other players. This game has been two moves so far, and I already hate my position ;).
Sept 1
I'm so screwed. Some of it is bad draws - the only extras I was getting were my ships, so I haven't been able to do much as far as getting good positions. I made one mistake that helped the leader. I'll be lucky to not end up in last place at this point. I have like 2 pieces to everyone elses 6 or 7.
Sept 4
Well, I got back in for a second. I placed two pieces and took 4 more giving me a total of 6 and majority in Buddhas (which lasted until the next guy played). So its my turn again. I have one hat, three Buddhas, and two rice. I can flat out take a hat, but I think if I do that, I will lose out on my chance at two other pieces. I'm taking my chance and trying to lock up two more. At best I'll get one more turn I think. The really interesting part is that nobody has used their swap yet. I just got mine, so it was never an option for me until now, and I won't likely use it, unless my plans are hosed up and I need it to get something.
Sept 4 cont.
Yellow just screwed me. I was going for a lock on two pieces, but of course by using his swap tile, yellow took one of those. He now has two majorities and I have the other. Yellow won't keep both, but I think will end up with 1 majority and a score of 4. Green likely needs to take a hat this turn, or risk not getting a majority. Green likely gets a majority and a score of 3. I just don't see anything else for him. Blue has a good chance to screw us both. A lot depends on which tile he doesn't have left. His 6 tiles include the swap and the wild that can be played at any time. If he has both, he could play them and get two more Buddhas, giving him that majority (and taking it from me). The best I could do then is re-tie Buddhas and give Yellow the win. If he doesn't have that wild, I might be able to sneak a majority, but I won't likely have enough others to win. I need to get two pieces, and I can't. I hope it doesn't come down to king-making.
Sept 4 cont - part deux
It came down to a king maker play I think. I couldn't win (unless everyone else played really dumb - then I might have caused a push). I went for what I thought was my slimmest chance and the next player did exactly what I thought he would. Now looking at the game, Blue should win regardless of what green does. It should be official tomorrow.

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