Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cult of the New 2008 - Addendum

Well, I should have figured I'd end up adding to the total before the end of the year. So, here are a few more games to add to my post about the Cult of the New 2008. Guess they can come of my Still Unplayed list :)
  • Hare and Tortoise - this was slightly more complex than I thought it was going to be. There is a bit of math and tactical planning and I'm pretty sure it'll be at least 3 years before my son can play this (if then). Its a nice little race game.
  • Power Grid -EnBW - I'm not sure I care for one rule change - the turn order re-shuffling is done immediately after you buy plants. I do like that if nobody buys a plant, two come out, but I don't know if that sped up my one playing that much.
  • Sushizock im Gockelwok - the faster version of Pickomino, its also easier to understand. I'd pick this up well before I picked up Pickomino. Put this on my list of games to get.
  • Control Nut! - after finally playing, I can confidently say that I have no idea how to play this game (as far as playing competitively - the rules are pretty straight forward). There are better trick taking games I think.
  • Aquaretto - I got to play this as part of a Zooloretto+Aquaretto game. Putting the two together is a little long, but adds a few nice, "Hey! I need both those trucks you jerk!" moments. I can see where I might like Aquaretto better as a standalone game.

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