Monday, December 29, 2008


I started playing a solo game of Runebound tonight and let my son play along with me. He got to roll the dice (I help him with the math a little as he's just starting to learn addition) and I just told him the results and read the cards. Its much simpler than I thought, though more complex than he's ready for currently. Rougly speaking, the game is a series of adventures players take on in order to gain experience and money so they can better equip themselves to handle the next level of encounters. Eventually, you get through to the 4th level of encounters and the winner is the player that has met a certain high level goal. You can play solo against a "timer" or whatever. There are a bazillion extra card decks that you can buy to expand the game as well as a couple of full on expansions. For now, we'll just be sticking to the original (2nd edition) game. My son had a great time and is super excited, despite basically just doing 4 green (easy) encounters. As long as we can keep things out without getting them disturbed, I don't mind playing a little each night with him. I also don't mind doing the reading and combat rules with him doing the dice and addition (hey anything that helps him practice math and reading).

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