Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Still Unplayed

I have issues. Among them is the need to buy games I haven't ever played. Sometimes, its because I'm collecting games, sometimes its because it sounds like something that will be fun with my kids as they get older, sometimes I just NEED it. Whatever. I did work on getting the number of un-played games down (as evidenced by my 54 new games played last year). Next year, I'll definitely be working on getting that number down (faster than I acquire games I hope). There is some sort of fine line between playing new games, and getting previously played games played again. You'd kinda like to get in another game of a good game so that you can apply what you learned in the previous playing while its still fresh in your head. Also, a lot of games just don't reveal themselves until after a couple of playings (for good or ill). I also know that there will be more new games coming out next year that will have to be played, but I'll do what I can to this list. Here are the games I still own that I haven't played and why I keep them (or what I'm going to do with them). Yes, that's 78 games or expansions to try (and I left out a couple of expansions to games I haven't tried the base game).
  • Age of Mythology: The Boardgame - I've heard the combat is bad, but I still want to try this out and see what the game is about. There seem to be enough fans that there must be something here to like.
  • Age of Steam Expansion - Northern California - The flip side of the Penn "coal" map. This is supposed to be an "advanced" map. Every time I've wanted to play it, there has been some newb wanting to learn AoS.
  • Age of Steam Expansion - Mississippi Steamboats / Golden Spike - Haven't even taken the shrink off this yet. I think the group here tried the Steamboats and didn't care for it, so this might be harder to get to the table.
  • Age of Steam Expansion - Secret Blueprints of Steam Plans 1&2 - this is probably the next AoS map I'd like to try as long as I can get 4 people (it doesn't do 5) that already know the game.
  • Age of Steam Expansion - Special 2008 Spiel Limited Edition: Essen Spiel & Secret Blueprints of Steam Plan #3 - I can see the extra Secret Blueprint getting played long before Essen gets time...
  • Age of Steam Expansion - Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico - Brown cubes? Yes, I want to try this too. Ok, I get it - I have too many expansion maps.
  • Age of Steam Expansion - The Netherlands - this is a SEVEN PLAYER map. Not so many folks want to try it.
  • Age of Steam Expansion - Vermont, New Hampshire & Central New England - ok, the worst possible way to end this list of maps is THREE maps. I guess you'd ideally want to play NH then Vermont, and finally CNE. Good thing I like AoS
  • Aquaretto - I only really want to play this with Zooloretto, not so much as a stand alone game.
  • Ark of the Covenant - Maybe I'll pull this out and teach my son the basics of Carcassone. I'm afraid it might be a bit premature to try and show him this. He'll get the matching part ok, but he's a ways off in understanding the scoring I think. I go back and forth.
  • Attack! - I think I'm going to just sell or give this away. I have a few A&A games in my collection to cover the large but light wargame itch...
  • Axis & Allies: D-Day - both this and the next were simple collection items (either cheap or math trade for other stuff). Whenever my son is old enough, these will see the light of day.
  • Axis & Allies: Europe - see the previous entry.
  • Basari - one of these times when I know Bobby will be around, I'll bring this along. I enjoy Edel, Stein, and Richt so I didn't mind picking this up as part of a math trade pack of games. I'm unclear on whether I'll want to keep it or not.
  • BlackBeard - I might try this solo or two-player, but I'm not dying to play it either...
  • Blood Feud In New York - this one sounds interesting, but I'm not sure this will see the table next year over other more interesting choices.
  • Bootleggers - this older game is supposed to be pretty fun (although a bit random). I'd like to play it this year. My best chance might be the Geekway in St. Louis with the Easleys
  • Bus - another game that is supposed to be decent. I'd like to play this at least once so that I could play it online with Justin
  • California - this cheap little game is supposed to be decent family fare, but is still a bit too much for the kids. Probably just sit there for the next year taking up space :)
  • Clans - got this in a math trade as part of a three game package. I've tried playing it online, and I don't really get it. Even if I did, there doesn't seem like enough there to bother. I'll probably dump it as a sweetener in a trade or something.
  • Cluzzle - this is like a little party game. Perhaps we'll get to try it out when The Fonz and his girlfriend visit in January.
  • Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #1: Greece & Eastern Kingdoms - I need to teach Nathan to play C&C:Ancients so that we can work our way to the expansion. Baby steps.
  • Control Nut! - come on! Somebody has to want to try this out with me (Bobby!)
  • Cosmic Encounter - with the FFG re-release of this classic, I feel my chances of getting this played have gone up in 2009. Really, I had gotten this with hopes of getting another and doing the 8 player mod. Guess I don't need to do that now. Instead, it'll sit in the AH/Hasbro section of my collection. Just sitting there.
  • Crib Wars - pretty sure I can get Bobby and Mike to play this at some point in 2009.
  • Die Macher - geez, you'd think that I'd make time for this super classic at some point. I'd be way more inclined to play if I knew this wouldn't be more than 4 hours.
  • Diplomacy - um yeah. This is not going to be played. I really would rather play AGoT over and over. I just don't see what this has over it that would make me set aside 7-8 hours.
  • Dixie - Bull Run - Don't really know anything about this one. It was a sweetener to my re-acquiring Battle Cry, so I didn't mind getting it. I should try it before I just get rid of it.
  • Doom - Mike Gingold says this is much faster than Decent. Maybe I can get him to play it with me once or twice.
  • Feurio! - I know nothing about this one. Good bad or otherwise, I should try it out to know whether to get rid of it or not.
  • Fifth Avenue - in my collection as part of the Alea big box series, it has been panned as (easily) the worst of the series. It will probably remain un-played again this next year.
  • Gulf, Mobile & Ohio - this was part of the Winsome Essen collection I shelled out for. You bet I'm playing this in 2009. But maybe I'll finish my poker chips first.
  • Hamsterrolle - one of two dexterity games to try and get to the table in 2009
  • Hare & Tortoise - this was one of Jason Sato's favorites, in his honor alone I will have to get this played in 2009.
  • Heroquest (plus expansions) - I told my son I'd teach him this after he "graduated" from Kindergarten. I will finally get this off the un-played list.
  • Honor of the Samurai - This looks a little interesting, but the reviews make it out to go on and on and on past its welcome. I don't know if I'll get to this or not.
  • Ice Lake - this was tanga trash and it looks ok, but it also looks like tanga trash. I'll probably dump this at some point. Maybe I should offer a "trash" offering in a math trade.
  • Ido - I like abstracts, but need to be in the mood to play one. This one is huge, so not likely to get dragged out to a game night. Maybe some time when Nathan comes over.
  • Imperial - I probably just need to prod a little to get this to the table in 2009
  • Le Havre - technically, I have to actually get this before I can think about playing it, but I imagine shortly after getting it, I'll be trying it out.
  • Magna Grecia - route building with interesting choices. Decently rated and been around since 2003. Why haven't I played this yet?
  • Mare Norstrum - I probably have to get at least 5 others to try this out with me as I understand there to be some balance issues unless you play with 6 (which also means the expansion gets played too).
  • Margin For Error - Another trick taking card game. I might have to do some sort of theme night to get some of these games played. Anyone for all trick taking card game night?
  • Marvel Heroes - I swear my son is pushing his reading skills to the limit just so I'll play this game with him. Because of the large amount of text, I told him he has to wait (really, I have enough games with no writing that we can play until he can read the stuff on his own). I don't see this actually getting played unless I'm asked to play it by someone else.
  • Mechanisburgo - this one looks tasty! I might get it played before 2008 is up!
  • Medieval Merchant - Supposed to be a fun game that I know Bobby would play, yet I haven't even tried to get this played.
  • Mexica - I need to play this mask game so that I can finally say that I've played them all (and then, I need to play Java some more)
  • Monsters Menace America - this looks like lighter fare, but still a bit advanced for a 5 year old. This probably sits for another year or so.
  • Mü & Lots More - hey look! Another card game to play. Technically, lots of card games.
  • Mystery Rummy: Murders in the Rue Morgue - sort of another card game. This rummy game is one I need to pull out with Stephanie (and maybe Nicey and Nathan)
  • Oasis - this was a Tanga pickup from long ago. Bobby has commented that its a good little game, but should be played with 5
  • Pirates of the Spanish Main - really, not going to play it. I should ship this off to Jason Maxwell and tell him see if he can get some little card game as a sweetener in a math trade to send me (yeah, like I need ANOTHER card game). At any rate, I'm way more likely to dump this than play it in 2009
  • Power Grid Power Plant Deck 2 - Nathan has really been wanting to play Power Grid so maybe I should teach him using this deck. He learns, I break in the deck and everything is much more equal footing.
  • Power Grid - Korea/China - I really want to play both of these. Actually, I'm pretty sure Nathan will be hooked on Power Grid, so I'm pretty likely to get these into play in the next year.
  • Preußische Ostbahn - I have no idea how to say this... as closely as I can tell, it appears to be a slightly more complex game, but in the same vein as Chicago Express, which means I'll love it and want to play it a ton of times and still never quite get it.
  • Primordial soup - Freshly Spiced - the game of eating poop, but now for up to six players and with more powers (I don't even remember the ones from the base game). Soup is maybe a 2-3 times a year game, so this might come out.
  • Raceway 57 - you know what this game is? A showpiece in my display. Maybe if I get bored at some point, my son and I will give it a whirl.
  • Railroad Tycoon - seriously, scroll back to the top of the list - I have plenty of AoS to keep me busy next year, which means I see no reason to bust this one out.
  • Return of the Heroes - I doubt my son will be ready for this even if we play a ton of Heroquest. Maybe, but I highly doubt it.
  • Risk 2210 A.D. - will this be the year I finally play this? Nope.
  • Risk Godstorm - I give this less of a shot at getting to the table than 2210.
  • Runebound (2nd) - though I doubt I'll play this with my son, I might get Erik to teach me this one. Then I can figure out if I have to become obsessed with the expansions...
  • Saga - this was another random sweetner from tanga. The Tom Vasel review makes it sound decent. Its all cards, but SHOCKING - its not a trick taking game like all my other ones ;). I don't know - still not going to work to hard to make this one get played.
  • The Scepter of Zavandor - I can't imagine not getting to play Amelia's favorite game next year.
  • Scotland Yard - This is a deduction game that is too old for my son, so this will probably stay on the shelf for another year or so.
  • Shogun - This is one that definitely is near the top of the list of things to get played in 2009
  • Star Wars: Epic Duels - I'd like to give this a whirl, but I'm content to wait until my son is a little older.
  • Stratego Legends - slightly too old for my son still. I could pull it out and play the normal Stratego with him, but we have plenty of other things to try out.
  • Sunken City - Hey! Another one Bobby needs to teach me. Geez, you'd think I couldn't play a game unless I had Bobby to show me how.
  • Sword and Skull - hmmm, a roll and move pirate game. Let me think about it a second - ok no.
  • The Collector - this kinda looks like an ok auction game. I might try and see if its worth keeping.
  • Thebes - yeah yeah, I'll play it. Nothing wrong with digging for treasure.
  • Thurn and Taxis - Bobby, will you play this with me and show me why everyone likes it?
  • The Traders of Genoa - a negotiation game where the value of things is harder to calculate. Ok, I'm listening. Ok, I'm not, but I'm willing to try and get this played in 2009
  • Trias - yes, lets try to get the meeple-saurs to the table.
  • Villa Paletti - one of a the other dexterity games I have to pull out in 2009.
  • War! Age of Imperialism - still in the shrink, this one smells like eBay.
  • Warcraft: The Boardgame - call me silly, but this one still sounds fun to me.


Matthew Frederick said...

Though I do think the combat is pretty lame and random, I'd gladly play Age of Mythology again.

Several of those AoS maps sound like fun, so you can count me in.
Aquaretto is a fun game, but the combo with Zooloretto is a total hoot. I'd love to play this again.

I've played both Basari and ESR, and prefer the latter (largely the same game, but I had more fun with ESR).

Die Macher won't be more than 4 hours. It probably won't be more than 3.

Hamsterrolle is by far my favorite dexterity game. It FRICKIN' RULES. I will play it anytime, anywhere. (Well, not on a hill.)

Imperial is very, very good. I'd love to play it again.
Magna Grecia was a lot of fun, despite its truly horrible graphic design.

I'd very happily play Medieval Merchant. It's one of my favorites.

I think Mexica is really very, very good. Not sure why some folks don't like it as much. Happy to play again.

Both the Korea and China maps for Power Grid are really, really great. They both significantly change the game in fun ways. I badly want to play both again soon.

I'd love to try Runebound, I'm a sucker for dungeon crawls and haven't tried it yet.

Thebes is very, very good, I recommend it highly.

Thurn and Taxis is also very good, and is super easy to learn and play. One of the expansions adds quite a bit of fun, but you don't need it until you've played the original a few times.

Dude, let's play some games!

Bobby said...

Age of Mythology: The Boardgame: Boring and bad. They tried to clone Puerto Rico and added a terrible combat system. "There seem to be enough fans that there must be something here to like," is something you could also say about Fluxx and Monopoly.

Aquaretto works either way. Christa has this and I have Zooloretto so I can arrange to have both anytime you want to try it.

Control Nut!: I know Sato played this once or twice and liked it. I have never read the rules, even though I own it. I would happily play it anytime.

Feurio! is a really good game, but you have to play with the Fire Break rules.

Hamsterrolle: Love it! Christa is also very good at it.

Magna Grecia: I really disliked this one. I found it to be boring and full of AP on top of the boredom.

Medieval Merchant used to be played all the time. It just disappeared from the rotation by the time you started coming to play.

: Played it once. As I recall, Sato and I liked it. Matt didn't.

Saga is really good.

Sunken City: "Another one Bobby needs to teach me. Geez, you'd think I couldn't play a game unless I had Bobby to show me how." If you would have moved to the right side of town, we would be able to play more. :)

Thebes: I got Mike's copy in a math trade. I liked it, but wasn't going to get a copy as long as he had his. Since he was trading it, I was happy to get it. It's a little random, but fun.

Thurn and Taxis: "Bobby, will you play this with me and show me why everyone likes it?" Okay, since you asked nicely.

The Traders of Genoa: The problem people seem to have with this is they let the bargaining go on too long when it is obvious a deal isn't going to be made and that can make the game drag. When we've played it in the past, the games have moved fairly quickly and it is always fun.

Bobby said...

Matthew Frederick said...

Aquaretto is a fun game, but the combo with Zooloretto is a total hoot. I'd love to play this again.

We learned this at the same time and I agree.

Both the Korea and China maps for Power Grid are really, really great. They both significantly change the game in fun ways. I badly want to play both again soon.

I still haven't played the China map, but I want to.

Matthew Frederick said...

Bobby wrote:

Control Nut!: I know Sato played this once or twice and liked it. I have never read the rules, even though I own it. I would happily play it anytime.

I enjoyed my couple of plays. Smolka likes it, iirc, but he's a sucker for any trick-taking game.

Saga is really good.
Wow. Well, I only played once, but that one play was awful. I don't remember why, though.

sourwyrm said...

Diplomacy sucks. I don't think it takes 7 hours, tho.

Tatsu said...

I'm surprised you dislike Diplomacy. I'd think you'd enjoy it. Don't worry, I'm not trying to get it to the table...

Matthew Frederick said...

Diplomacy is commonly about 4 hours. I think it's a really great game, for what it is. There are two really, really, really, really essential meta rules, however, that are absolutely required for me to play it:

1. Everyone at the table must but actual friends who will have no problem forgiving each other, and

2. No one at the table can have any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with each other (no, not during the game, you perv! Just in general!).

Otherwise the game turns out to be Absolutely No Fun At All.

Matthew Frederick said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tatsu said...

Then I guess that leaves you and me out Matthew - you've never forgiven me for all those crushing humiliating times I wrecked you in AoS...