Friday, December 26, 2008

Want to Play Again

I do not know why I am so "listy" lately, but here we go with another list of games. This time, games I've played only once that I want to play again. *Note - this isn't the games I've only played once list, because I don't need to list games I don't care about playing again.
  • Acquire - this classic is despised by Matthew, but I think it mostly doesn't see me play it because the edition I own is a massive pain to carry around and because I don't remember all the rules. Sato and Bobby really handled all the payouts IIRC, so I payed attention to the game, not the details in my one and only playing.
  • Arkadia - need to try this again. Bobby said it is better with 4, so I'd like to get a full set of folks for it.
  • Buried Treasure - its been forever since I played. I decent little pirate themed card game, that I remember nothing about now, just that I liked it the one time I played it.
  • Conquest of the Empire - yeah, I know its the lite version of Struggle of the Empires, but I liked this one when I played it. The biggest issue I think is that this is probably best with 6 and getting six others to play might be a hassle. Especially since if I get 6 together for a long game, we're more likely to play Starcraft or A Game of Thrones.
  • Daimyo - I only tried this with three players and it felt too unbalanced. I think this one is a 4-player only, so I'd like to try it again that way.
  • El Grande - seriously? I've only played this once? That needs to be fixed.
  • A Game of Thrones: Storm of Swords - The one time I played the 4-player version, I found it to be very well done and very balanced. Must try it again.
  • Manifest Destiny - despite the randomness, I rather liked this game.
  • Metropolys - this was a fun area control / bidding game. Its also pretty quick so I'd like to play it some more.
  • Modern Art - pure bidding game that I've only played once. I don't know why that is.
  • Vegas Showdown - I always forget about this one when looking at my games and try to pick one out to play. Its a good game and one I need to try and play more often.
  • Warrior Knights - I hosed up the rules and we all hated this. However, I kinda want to try it again - there seems to be a decent game in here somewhere.

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Matthew Frederick said...

Of those, the one I've not played that I'd quite like to is Warrior Knights.

And of course, I'm almost always up for AGoT