Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kids Games

I played a couple of kids games with my son today. The first was a thrift store $2 find called Guess Who. This is a pretty good little deduction game where players try to determine the other player's person by asking yes no questions. Each player has a stand of all the people you could be and then they flip down the people you won't be after asking questions - are you a girl? are you wearing a hat? Do you have red hair? I think when my children realize how to quickly cut down the choices, they'll be ready for the next step of games. Until then, my son likes this and its quick, so it isn't bad playing a couple of games. BTW - it was NOT this edition. The second we played was called The Great Race (aka First to Reverse). This is nothing more than a roll and move game. I picked this up at a thrift store too, because the ages are for 3+. As I said - its a roll and move, where each player gets a different combination of dice that have different numbers on them. The more dice and the bigger the numbers, the farther the player has to travel on the board to win. Nothing special here, but in giving my son the two-dice players, he's learning to quickly add the pips of the dice together (which will help make some other games down the road much easier I think).

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