Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gaming with My Wife

Nathan and his fiance Niecy came over for pizza Friday night. After I finished making pies and we had our fill, I pulled out a couple of games to play. We started the night by breaking into The Downfall of Pompeji - literally as I hadn't even broken the shrink on this since receiving it [gulp] last year from my secret Santa (sorry Jay). Now, while short and gamery, I knew that throwing people in the lava and burning them would appeal to Stephanie, and I wasn't off the mark on that call. Everyone had a good time burning each other's families and extracting revenge later. Niecy beat us all fairly easily. Somehow, I had the most people in the volcano...
After that, we played Zooloretto, which my wife had played before and liked. This evening however, our kids were not being very good as grandma put them to bed, and we had to take an intermission to deal with them (we threw them in the volcano). By the time we finished, my wife was tired and cranky and said the game lasted too long. Ah well.

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