Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Battle Cry - Charles vs Jason Maxwell

LEETOWN (Pea Ridge) - Jason and I fired up Battle Cry again. After whipping through so many of the Memoir scenarios recently I was surprised at the slow pace of this game (despite knowing the game was slower). It had apparently been a while since this had been dragged out - April of 2007 to be exact. At any rate, this particular battle was fairly standard as far as BC fights went - I made a charge, Jason made a charge, and in the end, he outlasted me. Jason won 6-4 and the Confederates are now ahead 95-89 for the war. I think I'm going to drop my rating on this game again. Its still a good game, and so far, I think it captures the feeling of the combat for the period better than the other Command and Colors games, but its just not as fun as the others.

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