Friday, January 04, 2008

Memoir Charles vs Jason Maxwell

We finished up our PBEM-Vassel game of Memoir '44 live and I had a bit of luck in the end and won Carentan 5-1. I needed that badly being down 18 points for the war. This one made it Axis: 136 - Allies: 122.

Next up was OPERATION VERITABLE - MOYLAND WOOD, which we continued live. Memoir really plays fast when you don't have to dork around with the bits! We finished in like 7 minutes. Jason killed me and I gave the points right back 6-3. Axis: 142 - Allies: 125.

Having finally gotten through all the official scenarios, we moved into the Terrain Pack set next, playing [BATTLE OF GAZALA] KNIGHTSBRIDGE. This one is a N. African tank fight with no infantry. Of course, the Allies had a handicap as the sand apparently slowed them down, but not the Axis. Back and forth until it was 4-4, each of us needing only 1 more kill. Jason got the last tank ending it 5-4. Axis: 147 - Allies: 129.

We then moved to our 35th scenario [MARKET GARDEN] NIJMEGEN BRIDGES. This one is a nasty Allied assault on heavily dug in Axis troops. Jason got out to a 2-0 lead as I pushed forward, but I nailed two of his units with a tank rush of sorts. We then traded kills to go 3-3. Jason got up 5-3 and I fought back for one more infantry kill. However, it didn't look good, with Jason having lots of my guys out in the open to try and kill. His General Advance card (2 units each section) was overkill as his artillery took me out. Jason won 6-4 and pushed his lead to Axis: 153 - Allies: 133.

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