Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cards With the Folks

I ran over to my parent's house and played a bit of cards with them (Steve and Cathy Hasegawa) and their friends Luke and Annette Wallace tonight. When I got there, they were starting up Oh Hell!, so they started over. They shouldn't have. It was 4-5 rounds before I broke into double digit score :(. We played a second game and I faired much much better, leading by a point in the last hand. I made my bid and won. It was already late, but I had brought over a couple games and they asked what I had, so I taught everyone No Thanks!. This is a game that takes only 30 seconds to explain and the game really doesn't take more than 10 minutes, so it was a good ending to the night. They must have liked it, as we played it twice and then Luke and Annette asked me to pick up a copy for them.

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Matthew Frederick said...

No Thanks may very well be the best non-gamer game ever. Like you wrote, SO easy to teach and so quick to play, and it almost always gets a second play as all the newbies go "oh, ok, now I know what to do next time, let's play again."

Good stuff.